Our Vision

Praying Hands by Mark DeRaud

What is Art ‘n Soul?

We believe that our intimate relationship with Jesus Christ informs our art and creativity. We believe we can know the love of God in all its depth and power through the Holy Spirit. We seek to pursue this relationship through scripture, listening prayer and journal writing in order to grow in our relationship with Him and understanding our gifts, our calling, our purpose and thus, our art.

We seek to be transformed by the renewing of our minds as we pursue Jesus Christ and the desire to express His ways, His truth and His life creatively. We believe that inspiration means God-breathed, and that God desires to breathe on us and give us revelations of His kingdom. He will give us images, symbols, words, melodies, lyrics, poems, sounds, choreography. They may be prophetic voices, they may simply speak of His beauty and His love for mankind.

This is what Art & Soul is all about, to encourage creative believers in Jesus Christ to encounter the living God and His activity in their creative acts.

We also believe that our inspired art needs to impact culture and be seen and heard throughout our community and that we need to be salt and light in both the arts community and the church.

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